“culture everywhere”

A born entrepreneur, Kevin Limouzi knew how to write his own destiny, influenced by a diversity of sources of inspiration.

Nourished by North American culture and his origins in the south of France, he has forged a unique and singular identity.

For him, any word can become a source of inspiration and creativity, because culture is found everywhere .

“It brings together all social classes, all religions or ethnic groups.
Not a day goes by without talking about culture , everyone is free to use it in whatever sense they wish..."

Driven by a thirst for creativity and precision, he highlighted his talents in the field of hairdressing, with the aim of “making people happy for who they are”.

Aesthetics and refinement naturally occupy a central place in his lifestyle and professional ethics.

This ethic finds many similarities with the world of fashion, where art, know-how, technique, precision and elegance meet.

MR.LIMOU™ positions itself as an avant-garde and innovative brand in the field of high-end ready-to-wear. Each piece reflects the beliefs of its creator and designer. Every detail is carefully studied, every choice results from a daring quest for perfection.

Each of its creations has the mission of “enabling customers to become what they want to be.” Expression and self-affirmation are the common threads of the research and designs developed by the brand.

  • Mr.LIMOU - Casquette haut de gamme marron et blanc Logo Chocolate Matthew Strazel

    November 24, 2023 - Chocolate Logo Cap

    The launch of the signature piece of the MR.LIMOU™ brand took place on November 24, 2023 .

    The designer highlighted the brand's emblematic colors through headwear combining class, modernity and sobriety.

    Matthew Strazel, Basketball player

  • Mr.LIMOU - Casquette haut de gamme marron Logo Chocolate Terem Moffi

    Chocolate Logo Cap - Culture Edition

    In order to give free rein to his imagination, the designer has proposed an edition of the flagship model with a unique design.

    This collection was produced in 10 copies . Each piece has been marked and numbered.

    Terem Moffi, Footballer

  • Casquette_haut_de_gamme_vendre_-_Eclipse_Eb_ne_-_Vue_7

    April 10, 2024 - Éclipse Ébène Cap

    Éclipse Ébène , a high-end cap in black faux leather, specially designed to celebrate the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024.

    This unique piece combines elegance and sophistication, capturing the mystical essence of the eclipse.

  • Mr.Limou x La Fouine Casquette Eclipse Ebene Culture Edition

    May 1, 2024 - Éclipse Ébène Cap - Culture Edition

    In line with the Chocolate Logo Cap, the designer decided to design an exclusive design of 10 copies for this piece as mystical as it is elegant.

    La Fouine

  • Maillot Royal Mocha Exterieur Blanc et Marron

    June 14, 2024 - Royal Mocha team jersey

    On the occasion of the kick-off of the European Football Championship, this Royal Mocha team jersey appeared. Expected to be a real game-changer, it is the perfect balance between sportiness and subtlety.

  • New creation in progress.

    Our team carefully prepares new exceptional pieces.

    Next drop imminent!